Eugene is a silly hyper black rex mixture that loves toys but he can't stay still for snuggles. April is a blue lop mixture with uppy ears. She is a ball of fluff who tolerates being loved on for a while, but sometimes disapproves. Both are luxuriously soft and friendly!
Tootsie Roll is a precious mixed lop who likes lotsa lovin and cuddles. He is accustomed to a back and side scratch before morning feeding. Tootsie can be friendly with children who are patient with him (and treats won't hurt either).
JoJo is a calm little lady, who is estimated to be close to four years old. She has always been around dogs and cats, and is very neat with her litter habits. We are not sure if she is spayed, but she has a check up soon.
Shy Willomina was captured with attractive Walter, but they are not bonded. She has exquisite markings around the eyes and ears.
Yogi is 1 of 3 sibling brothers born in July 2018. He is a precious bunny and approaches people with curiosity and playfulness. He loves being petted.
Dolly is a exquisite tricolor lavender girl, who was found at Kenner Pavilion park. We wondered if she was pregnant, since her belly was a bit round. Turns out she had pre-cancerous tumors, which thankfully were removed during spay. She is a very friendly and gentle girl, estimated about 2-three years old. She appears to be anxious around dogs.
Opie is living with his foster Mom who describes him as "a extra sweet pocket pet". Opie is an active boy with lots of energy and likes to run and explore. He is house broken and never goes potty outside of his litterbox. He is afraid of dogs and kids startle him so Opie will need a special household where he can feel safe.
Frankie was recently surrendered because his humans were away at work too much. He loves everyone. Meet blue eyed charmer Frankie Bunnatra!
Elizabeth-Taylor-eyed Doe-reen was found in a vacant lot in Metairie with her attractive partner, Gaston. She is not spayed yet but will be soon after the delivery of her babies.
Stocky Gaston was found in a vacant lot in Metairie. He has a dark crescent over 1 eye and under the other.
Meet Fonzie! Fonzie is a exquisite bunny and he knows it! He is 1 of the trio of siblings born on July 17, 2018. He loves to play with his brothers but like most brothers they can play a bit rough. Fonzie is a bit shy and needs a patient bunny parent as he grows up.