REALLY PRETTY 3-D with 4x6 photo area. Measures 9x7. Cost $30 from hobby lobby. I m decluttering.
Bought for my son but he won t use it. Freshly laundered since it sat in his bed.
Love this series. Tons of pictures too. Retail $21.99 so price Firm - I m only asking a third of the price.
I bought this on here, sprayed it gold and used it to display photos. Also useful for displaying books, plates etc. I m purging my house so this needs a new home.
Very comfy, don t use it so it s going bye bye. LIKE NEW. These are expensive Bc of the foam so price Firm.
3 pants 2 short sleeve shirts 3 long sleeve shirts 1 shorts all size youth small 1 lg size zipper jacket